Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Flotsam and Jetsom

The end of another year looms. Some of those minutes were wasted, many were productive and hopefully the coming year will bring more happy minutes than empty ones.
In looking at 2010, there are things I learned...I taught myself to crochet well enough to make what I had in mind. They are fluffy scarves with beads woven into them so that they are like necklaces.
I learned that I need to plan my Luau weekend more carefully to allow time for a nap between lunch and night activities.
I paid attention to how my mother makes cabbage so that I can follow suit and have good food while dieting. The trick is no more than 8 minutes of cooking with the seasoning of choice (bacon slice, chicken broth), then drain it and keep it warm til eating time. The cabbage is tender but not mushy.
Chablis is an acceptable gulping wine.
Dried garbanzo beans taste like field peas when reconstituted. Canned garbanzo beans do not.
Brussells sprouts grow on a stalk.
Greek spaghetti sauce requires cinnamon to make it right.
The roads on the Dutch side of Sint Maarten pretty much suck.
I can cook in 2 or 3 languages. This is important when you are in a non-English speaking country. Like French St. Martin, where they really can speak English but don't want to:)
I can make a dessert with an overripe banana, Kahlua, butter and the contents of someone else's pantry.

To Be Continued.