Thursday, September 20, 2012

It Is Working for Us!

We have been following the Atkins Diet since May 1 with a few cheat days along the way and have lost pounds.
My Darling Charlie has lost 30+ pounds ( he only weighs at the doctor's office) and I have lost 20 +/- 4 pounds that keep coming and going. We need to start some exercise the keep the loss going but in the meantime, what we have dropped has helped us.
Charlie's doctor is very happy with his weightloss as it affects his blood sugar levels in a positive way.
I am happy that I look better and that when he wraps his arms around me they go alllll the way around me and my arms can hug him close to me.
It's good to look in the mirror and see the face I expect instead of that face plus two chins:)