Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summer winds down

Nice weekend but summer is ending and that saddens me. The only good thing about it is the change of foods available and the resultant menu options.
We spent this evening at the home of dear friends, floating in the salt water pool and eating far too much. I brought a very basic Queso dip with a twist that those of you preparing for tail-gate parties might want to consider.
We had eaten tacos the night before, I had had a craving:)
We had leftover taco seasoned meat, about 3/4 cup, that I had seasoned with Chili Powder, Season-all and a pinch of Cayenne. I mixed that with a can of Ro-Tel mild, 16 oz of Mexican Velveeta cut into cubes and zapped for five minutes in high - 2:30, stir , another 2:30 and done.

The neighbors got my mother's Peach Cobbler - a cup of SR flour, cup of sugar, cup of organic milk, tsp vanilla and about a cup and a half of freshly cut peaches mixed and poured into an 8x8 glass dish in which a stick of butter has been melted while pre-heating the oven to 350. Baked for about an hour and nummy!

We'll be going to Epcot's International Wine and Food Festival and that always gives me ideas but I have already started thinking of fall food.I want to find a way to make sweet potatoes into a more savory and less sweet dish and try to make my favorite snack (broccoli on triscuits with Swiss and sea salt and a 20 second zap) into a pretty side dish.

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