Saturday, April 9, 2011

Can I Get a Tan, Man?

Last year at this time I was attending a tanning salon, getting nice and brown and enjoying the periodic escape into a warm, humming capsule. Then I got a skin cancer on my chest, had to listen to "I told you so" from husband, mother, best friend and doctor and get the dratted thing hacked out. It was so big/deep there was no hope for a pretty scar but the plastic surgeon really tried.
I got out of the membership and resigned myself to selfless tanner since my last experience with salon spray tan had been Mystic Tan which was a mess.
My boss popped into my office Monday morning with "HEY! Have you heard about Zoom Tan?"
A bit of research and a few days later we arranged to go get a tan. My boss is also my best friend which really makes things nice. I can't be a screw-up because she trusts me and also because it isn't in my nature but sometimes, when we have both been working like demons after hours, we play hooky.
Friday afternoon about 2 we showed up at the salon and got the sales spiel and then the tan. We both opted for the medium level tan. You strip down, put on a hair net, put barrier cream on palms, toe and finger nails. I put a towel down in the booth to stand on to avoid any tan soles. It takes longer to get undressed and then dressed than it does to be sprayed. This will tell you about the booth experience:

Zoom Tan with video

Now, the results. The attendant told us we would look freckled until we showered. I felt like I was a pointillism experiment in golden brown. After the shower, I was lovely and tan!
I didn't pose properly so the web of my hand didn't get tan. The pink you see is me:)

That is my smooth, brown leg!

The leg you see if the biggest reason I wanted to be tan. I want to be able to wear short and dresses and not look pale, not have my varicose veins in stark relief to my paleness. An added benefit is a nice facial glow that eliminates all but a need for bronzer, brow pencil,lipstick and mascara.
You can't tell here but my eyes are blue. This is a makeup-free moment.

I am very pleased with the outcome. If you're looking to tan, try the technology from Versa-Spa and go to a Zoom Tan salon if you can. The cost for a sample tan is $10 there ($19.95 at a non-Zoom salon nearby) and the monthly unlimited sunless tanning is $39.99 plus tax.  I'll post more interesting stuff tomorrow  night:)                                                                                                               

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