Monday, May 7, 2012

Through Thick and Thin

That should have been in our wedding vows, just like the "for richer, for poorer" thing. For almost 18 years now, my darling has told me that I am beautiful, that I am not fat - regardless of what mad thing I have done to my hair or whether I was a size six or a size, er, XL.
I have managed to creep too close to XXL for comfort and my handsome Charlie has also grown expansive across the middle. Since he has more potential complications based on health as far as diets go I told him to ask his doctor what she recommended. She promoted Atkins, so carbs have nearly disappeared from my life. His too, for that matter!

Luckily, we like meat. Especially BEEFS! Grilled steaks make me happy, and if he has over-cooked them I mix up my version of Tzatzki sauce or chimichurri sauce for a minor carb flavor boost. Today began our 8th day of Atkins Induction and we have been good except for Friday and Saturday night and our failings then were small. Charlie's 45th class reunion was this past weekend and we had decided we were going to drink, but cautiously.
I took a couple of flavors of Mio with me with which to flavor Vodka and water and Charlie was going to stick with Crown Royal and diet Coke.
But it was Cinco de Mayo. And he had to have a margarita! Or three...and since he was going off the reservation I followed, opting for grapefruit juice in my vodka after my first Mio and V.  Saturday night I poured a glass of my favorite jug wine and thought for a second that I had gotten a bad jug. It tasted like kerosene smells.
I hadn't had a glass of wine in a week and my tastebuds had developed a dislike for what I used to drink every day.
That is good. Even though low in carbs, wine has calories enough to slow weight loss and my body has to burn through the booze carbs before it heads for fat stores.
This is just to get my hands used to channeling thoughts onto a screen again and will face some heavy re-writing soon:)

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