Monday, October 15, 2012

Bye, bye, Lolo. We love you

Over a year ago I brought home a sniffly-nosed, skinny kitten with diarrhea from my mom's farm. Her vet had prescribed a liquid antibiotic that wasn't clearing up his illness and was making him have the trots.
He was orange and white and so sweet natured that cleaning up the occasional poop spot from the bed spread wasn't a big deal. Bed spreads need to be washed on a regular basis anyway.
We named him Loki - Little Orange KItty.

This is a recent photo of Loki curled up with Randy, one of the senior members of of our fur baby family. Loki liked to hang around with the other cats. His best friend was Fang, our youngest black cat, who is just a little older than Loki.

Loki grew up to become a beautiful boy with a sweet temperament and loving disposition. It is so funny to me that as loving as he always was, he didn't take crap from anyone or anything.
When he first came home I was very worried about the big cats hurting him. He was still kind of scrawny with leaky, poopy butt and a bad upper respiratory infection; disadvantaged in a match against far larger and healthier felines.
The others came to sniff and investigate. Loki, as a farm cat, has lots of cousins and brothers and sisters and was unfazed by the inspection. I suppose he thought they were playing so he chased them, running alongside until he had the right angle to tackle. He'd jump up with his forepaws out to wrap around the big cat's neck and bring him down.
When we brought home our robo-vacuum the other cats gave it a wide berth. Loki was a curious kitty, a brave fellow who wanted to challenge the intruder and insure it knew that cats were supreme in this household. He confronted the monster and showed the others that it was no threat.

Loki threw up last night, the usual chunks of kibble, then vomited more - foam this time. That isn't an ordinary cat reaction in my experience. Monday is surgery day at my Vet's office but they took Loki in and Doc checked him between operations.
Doc said that Loki had kidney disease and was in renal failure. My poor baby needed to go to sleep since he was only going to be in pain. There was no magic to bring my purry Lolo home, no tears that would make him better, no money to get a cure. No choice.

I have cried, sobbed, for Loki today. My head still hurts from crying. I will miss this precious darling.
Mama and Daddy love you, Lolo. Your sleeping place will let you watch birds and your kitty friends as they chase them.

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  1. I'm so very sorry for the loss of your sweet, loving kitty. It sounds like he had quite a personality and I'm sure the house feels empty without him in it. I wish I had words that would bring you peace, my friend.


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