Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day One of 2011

Sometimes, doing next to nothing is the best thing to do.
Today was a prime example of that.
I woke up much earlier than I should have considering it was well after two when I closed my eyes with a skinful of champagne.
The cats made sleepy, grumpy remarks about my removing myself from the nest they'd built around me and two followed me into the bathroom to observe contact insertion. Rowboat jumped up to help and skidded into the sink. She's such an easygoing, un-selfconcious kitty that her attitude was unaffected by gravity's insult and she sat on the drain to watch.
Motorboat, her twin, flung himself against my calf to draw attention to the depths of starvation to which he'd been reduced and howled.
All followed me to the kitchen for morning kibble. After putting food down on the back deck for the anti-social Tuxedo I took a fresh, cold bottle of water from the fridge for breakfast on the couch.
Shortly after I brought in the paper and let a few of the furry horde out into the yard the rain began.
When I am not driving, the sounds and smells of rain are signals to my body to sleep. I have never had enough sleep that a rain storm couldn't induce somnolence and today was no exception. I had only been up for three hours after eight hours of sleep when my eyelids began to droop as the barometer dropped. The snoring cat in my lap added to the desire for sleep so I grabbed my airplane pillow, snuggled under my couch blanket and drifted into my sleep place.
Hours later the nap plane landed and the rain was still falling.
I had the luxury of doing more nothing, planning dinner, cleaning something, or going somewhere.
I decided that doing more nothing (as most people would see it) was the winning ticket.
I played with my cats, exfoliated my hands, put dishes away, admired the color of the rain-wet leaves on my orange tree, talked to the cats, talked to my mom, talked to my husband and pondered healthy meal plans for the week to come.
Day One of 2011 was low-key, stress free, and happy.
I anticipate more action on most of the days to come so today was one nice, last restful day before I have to dive into the fray once more.


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