Saturday, January 29, 2011

Little Enchantments

Bobble scarf!
I am very pleased with myself today. I not only lost 2 pounds, I finally found a way to do something with a pretty treasure I found.
I am a sucker for these tiny pretties that weave their enchantments around my fingers, my eyes, my sense of joy. I have pieces of fabric that are over 20 years old that I bought just because I liked them. I can't sew. I just like fabrics. I have buttons and bows and frogs (decorative button-things) that do nothing but exist for me to look at and touch. I have to stay out of fabric stores or be on my mission with self control at the helm to avoid adding to this almost useless collection.

Now that I have entered the "fabric arts" so to speak, I thought I'd try to use one of my treasures if I could.
This is a scarf made with a warm pinky-beige fun fur and trimmed with a bobble trim that I think was meant for curtains. I found it in the drapes/curtains/upholstery clearance section at Hobby Lobby and fell in love with the colors and the feel. The bobbles are plushy, the ribbon has satin stitches and rougher fabric and is just fun to touch.
I had been working on the scarf without any particular end goal in mind, I just wanted to do something with the color and keep up the habit of crocheting nightly. The more the scarf shaped, the more I thought -" wish I could find a way to add that bobble trim!"
After a lot of consideration I convinced myself that if it didn't look right I could probably remove it without runing the scarf.
So I threaded a quilting needle with some hamoniously colored strands of embriodery thread, trimmed the bobble line to meet the scarf's dimensions and went to work.
I sewed the trim to the front and back of both ends of the scarf and then sewed the open ends of trim closed to make it neat. BTW, this is the limit to my sewing abilities. Like I said, can't sew!
I am pretty sure the goddess of handicrafts (Isn't that Athena?) was just indulging me with this success in making something using one of my little enchantments!
What do YOU think? Does random stuff call your name? Do your hands reach for interesting looking stones, sticks, bits of glass?


  1. Athena was a jerk! She turned some poor kid into a spider just for being good at rug hooking...

    I am enamored with glass, machinations, clockwork, and detailed small woodwork. I also am always staring longingly at plants, shells, pretty stones... In my mind, they will look amazing, feng shui for days...

    When I lay them out, it invariably looks like a pile of stuffs and things and such. A clearer mind would yell at me, "JUNK!"

    But I still like the baubles. I just whirl through, once a half decade, and lay waste to the whole mess, donating it to a kids craft endeavor, or tossing them.

    You making scarfs is neat! Keep doing anything that makes you happy. We only have our eyes and hands for so many years, and humans are being true to their nature when they are fashioning, making, plying, and crafting!

  2. Thanks, Geoff! I kinda had you pegged as the kind of guy who saw beauty in the little pieces of magic the world leaves laying around. I have a marble I've had since I was a ten year-old that I kept because it is an odd color and has a weird flaw. It looks like an opal would without the fire, a milky blue that is almost translucent, and has a shallow channel on it that looks like a skinny snake slithered through sand.


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